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Drafting and reviewing new and existing wills and powers of attorney.

Some people sign a Will and forget about it. You should however, review your Will from time to time to take into account changed circumstances. For example:

IF you have married since making your Will, the law is that you have NO Will. A Will is revoked automatically when one marries, unless the Will specifically refers to your forthcoming marriage.

IF you have divorced, your previous spouse is automatically disinherited. If you are still on friendly terms and want to leave something to this person – you need a new Will.

IF you are separated but not yet divorced, your previously executed Will may leave your estate to your spouse, despite the existence of a subsequent court order or a separation agreement. Your Will is valid until changed. You should revise your Will as soon as you separate.

Assisting executors and beneficiaries during the process of administering an estate.

With a Will, you appoint an Executor to follow your wishes and administer your estate. This person should be responsible, trustworthy, and mature and have a good business acumen. Your Executor can be anyone – a spouse, a child, another relative, a friend, your doctor, your minister, rabbi, priest or your lawyer. If the administration of your estate will continue for a long period for young children or beneficiaries with a disability, choose someone who likely will survive that period of time. Before you settle on an executor, ask yourself a question: will the person follow my wishes or give in to the wishes of my beneficiaries? If the answer is the latter, choose someone else. Always choose an alternate executor in case your first choice is unable or unwilling to accept your appointment.
Without a Will, the court appoints an administrator, and this is usually the closest relative of the person who has died. This may not be the person whom you would have chosen. An administrator usually does not have as much authority and discretion as does an executor appointed in a Will. If your estate consists of assets which need to be managed for a time before being sold – for example, a business or rental properties – you need a Will and an Executor. You do not need an Administrator. The costs of administrating an estate without a Will usually exceed the costs associated with an estate where there is a Will.

Helping both purchasers and vendors of homes complete the house buying/selling transaction.

After months and years of planning, dreaming and scouting out properties, at last you have the deal you hoped for. Suddenly you’re involved not with dreams but with concrete items like offers, agreements, deadlines, conditions, waivers and title insurance…

Kelly Law handles the legal parts of your real estate deal professionally, reliably, comprehensively and cost-effectively from the beginnings of your offer to the final closing. You will be pleased whether you are purchasing, selling, leasing or refinancing – and whether the property in question is a home or a commercial site. Your real estate agent is welcome to call us from the field while negotiating an agreement of purchase and sale for you.

After your real estate deal is finished, we can keep an eye on your property’s assessment for municipal tax purposes and appeal that when appropriate. We even do applications for absolute title, and the setting up of new condominium corporations and cooperatives. Kelly Law will make certain that your interests are always fully protected.

Our firm provides comprehensive, fully insured services for transactions throughout Ontario and cottage country in the North.

Kelly Law is committed to completing your transaction in a timely, capable and responsive manner, while paying due attention to your unique priorities as our valued client.

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Kelly Law provides efficient, effective, prompt and professional service to facilitate the incorporation of your business. Partnership agreements and “doing business as” registrations for sole proprietors are also avenues to be explored for certain situations. We offer a wide range of services to businesses and enterprises of all sizes in varied fields:

  • Incorporation
  • Charitable organizations, including churches, mosques, temples and synagogues
  • Business persons
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Organization of companies
    • shareholder agreements
    • setup of new Condominium Corporations
    • drafting and review of leases for retail or office space
    • setting up a new franchise system
    • review and revision of franchise agreements
    • partnership agreements
    • buy-sell agreements
    • non-disclosure agreements
  • Real estate issues for builders and developers
    • consulting agreements
    • distribution and agency agreements
    • purchase and sale of a business
    • employment agreements
    • dispute resolutions

Leases, franchise agreements, etc.

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